December 2019 Edition: December 2019

This month, Me Jean-Olivier Reed talks about the access to housing: Can the tenant impose conditions for visiting the housing or for minor works?

October 2019 Edition: October 2019

In this edition, Martin Messier talks about Security Deposit and Rent Setting.

September 2019 Edition: September 2019

This month, our specialists are discussing various changes surrounding cannabis: production in housing and non-mandatory medical evidence.

August 2019 Edition: August 2019

This month, Me Robert Soucy tackles Harassment of a tenant and reimbursement of the landlord's legal fees.

July 2019 Edition: July 2019

This month, Martin Messier talks about Data theft, fraud, confidentiality, these are just some of the words that have been heard many times over during the last few weeks.

June 2019 Edition: June 2019

This month, Me Lapointe addresses the subject of abandoned objects and Me Reed talks about the surprises, good or bad, of the new tenant.

May 2019 Edition: May 2019

In this edition, Me Annie Lapointe talks about the law provides for a quality warranty, better known as a « hidden defects warranty ».

April 2019 Edition: April 2019

This month, several articles talk about Bill 16, which reforms the Régie du logement; also new discounts at Home dépôt with the APQ.

March 2019 Edition: March 2019

This month, Me Robert Soucy talks what evidence does the tenant have to provide to demonstrate that he can smoke cannabis for a medical reason.

February 2019 Edition: February 2019

This month, Me Robert Soucy talks about the cannabis, the odour or smoke of cannabis must be recurrent and invasive.