April 2019 Edition: April 2019

This month, several articles talk about Bill 16, which reforms the Régie du logement; also new discounts at Home dépôt with the APQ.

March 2019 Edition: March 2019

This month, Me Robert Soucy talks what evidence does the tenant have to provide to demonstrate that he can smoke cannabis for a medical reason.

February 2019 Edition: February 2019

This month, Me Robert Soucy talks about the cannabis, the odour or smoke of cannabis must be recurrent and invasive.

January 2019 Edition: January 2019

In this edition, Me Reed tells you about a decision of the Régie du logement that terminated a lease on a 2-bedroom unit whose origin was mainly a problem of noise. In this rental housing where 5 people live including 3 children of 3, 7 and 8 years old, respectively, it has also been shown that 6 or more young people were frequently present in this dwelling.

December 2018 Edition: December 2018

This month, Martin Messier explains the terms and conditions allowing a landlord to repossess his dwelling because it's, unfortunately, much more complicated and restricted than one might think.

November 2018 Edition: November 2018

This month, Me Robert Soucy explains that a tenant claims his time is worth US $10,000 an hour during a hearing for frequent late payments.

October 2018 Edition: October 2018

This month, Me Jean-Olivier Reed talks about the non-payment of rent. The different procedure and length of processing time at the Régie du logement depending on whether or not the tenant departed from his dwelling

September 2018 Edition: September 2018

In this edition, the APQ reminds you how the investigation department has prevented a prosecution avoided by the APQ against an owner

August 2018 Edition: August 2018

In this edition, Me Reed tells you about a tenant who did not respect the institutions.

July 2018 Edition: July 2018

This month, Me Soucy explain that the tenant uses his dwelling for purposes other than residential ones, contrary to section 1856 of the Civil Code of Québec, through Airbnb. This causes serious harm to the tenants of the building through disturbances of peaceful enjoyment, as well as to the landlord by the comings-and-goings of people and the noise they make.