Marijuana in your building?

Published on by Martin A. Messier

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The Government's plan to allow the cultivation of marijuana in rental housing gives gray hair to many owners.

Owners have reported to us the problems they have dealt with when such plants are grown in a dwelling: the combination of heat and moisture conducive to plant growth has caused damage to the housing due to moisture, notably.

Moreover, the odours released during consumption of marijuana are too strong to allow that it be consumed in a dwelling. Smoke and odours make the dwelling not a place, in the majority of cases, appropriate for the consumption of marijuana.

How then can we explain that the Government can consider this option? Who will have to respond to other inconvenienced tenants? Who will pay for damage done to the housing? Who should bear the risk of fire?

The problem is serious and we should not take it lightly. Our elected officials must pass laws that are consistent with the obligations imposed by the said laws on the owners of rental housing.

The law obliges the owner to guarantee to the other occupants the peaceful enjoyment of the dwelling. Knowingly, such as allowing the cultivation and consumption of marijuana, while we know very well that the disadvantages suffered by other tenants will turn against the owner.

It does not make any sense at all. It is not logical. It is not consistent. And yet, it is taken into consideration without giving an option to the owner!

For new leases or renewals we invite owners of rental housing to purchase the APQ building regulations to protect you.

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