A Laval property developer offers a mortgage rate of 0%

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About a hundred future owners in Laval will be able to profit from a zero interest rate during one year if they acquire their property from property developer Construction Le Versant.


 This property developer of the Urbania complex in Laval concluded an agreement to this end with the Banque Nationale.


“This initiative constitutes something never seen before in the field of real-estate, not only in Laval, but also in the metropolitan region. It will make it possible for several young purchasers to get access to a quality of dwellings in joint ownership which, until now, could seem to be out of reach for them ”, affirms the real-estate Company.


This promotion can represent several thousands of dollars in lower payments. For example, a mortgage of 155.255$ (including the insurance premium for the loan) redeemed over 35 years and supplied with an annual rate of 3,75% represents monthly payments of 661,69$ for the first year.


Thanks to the offer of mortgage financing of 0%, the same mortgage loan orders monthly payments of only 369,65 $ for the first year.


The Urbania complex is located at 1920, boulevard du Souvenir, in Laval. The surface of the housing units aimed at by this offer varies from 661 square feet to 1080 square feet.


The taking into possession of the property can be immediate since the building has been completed.

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