Taking protective measures during your holidays, as a rental-housing owner

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Taking protective measures during your holidays, as a rental-housing owner

Many rental-housing owners will enjoy the Florida or Mexico sunshine or other sun destinations, in the coming months.

As a rental-property owner you have several responsibilities that cannot be suspended during your absence.

It is important to ensure that your mail is checked regularly by one of your loved ones or one of your trusted employees. You could indeed receive notices from the municipality, your insurer, a tenant, or a notice from the Régie du logement that may require immediate attention to avoid any further problems.

You must also implement measures that will allow you to respond to emergencies such as water damage, fire, or a deceased one in a housing, etc...

In these situations, although you may be available remotely over the phone, you will need a reliable person who can give instructions and ensure that damage-control operations are carried out in a timely and adequate manner.
If you do not already have agreements with service providers capable of dealing with misfortunes, and an open account, you will need to provide that the on-site person can use a credit card and has access to funds immediately to deal with the situation at hand.

A list of the suppliers with whom you are doing business, a copy of your insurance policy, and the list of tenants with the information to contact them and the contacts of each in case of emergency are information that your resource person must have. If this person is not familiar with your buildings, a site visit and a key-try are important.

Your tenants must have a number to contact the appropriate resource person in case of emergency. If this number changes during your absence, you must inform them in writing and a notice must be posted in the common portions of the building. If the telephone numbers of the contacts that must be reached by the building’s alarm system are modified, you must also make this change in order to be reachable at all times.

If you have scheduled hearings during your vacation it is important to have your resource person representing you or to request the delay of the hearing. As each case is very special we recommend in this situation to contact one of our lawyers to make sure you put all the chances on your side.

If you have dwellings to rent during your absence it is important to make sure that the resource person will have received the appropriate training to do so and if you have tenant assessments and credit inquiries to make, it is important that this person be authorized to do so and that you have had his name added as authorized person to your file at the APQ.

Happy Holidays!

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