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Housing visit

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For many homeowners the visit of the housing by a potential tenant is a moment inwhich we could all pass off. Several candidates to meet, along with sometimes having to travel for unnecessary missed appointments making this a task which

Death does not terminate a lease!

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In cases of death in the housing one must call for emergency help to pick up the body. Cleaning of the accommodation may be necessary to maintain the peaceful enjoyment for the other tenants and the cleanliness of the building.

Can a new landlord change the lease to include a smoking ban in it?

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The tenant has refused the changes and notified the landlady about this. The landlady became the owner of the building on 3 March 2011. The Régie shall decide on the amendment of the lease at the request of the landlady.

Les responsabilités de l'endosseur

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La présence d’un endosseur sur le bail est lorsque le locataire n’a pas suffisamment de preuve de sa solvabilité : ce peut être un étudiant dont les revenus sont faibles, une personne qui se remet d’une faillite,…

Let us avoid nightmares

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Often conflicts that are most difficult to resolve are not related to the payment of rent but more so to the respect of other obligations under the lease.