Health Canada consults to better support you (part 2)

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Health Canada consults to better support you (part 2)

Federal Law vs. Provincial Law vs. Municipal Regulation

In Canada, both federal and provincial governments, as well as municipal administrations occupy different spheres of regulation of pesticides in the ultimate goal of helping to protect citizens against risks that pesticides could represent and ensure that pesticides are used appropriately, as indicated on the label.

Pesticides imported, sold or used in Canada are regulated nationally under the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) and its Regulation. Health Canada is responsible for administering this legislation, registering pest control products and re-evaluating registered products on a 15-year cycle.

Only pesticides registered under the Pest Control Products Act can be imported, sold and used in Canada. Provinces and territories may regulate the sale, use, storage, transportation and disposal of registered pesticides, provided that the measures they adopt are consistent with any requirement, directive or limitation imposed by the
Pest Control Products Act or any other federal law.

The provincial and territorial authorities may allow municipalities (cities, urban communities, towns, etc.) to enact bylaws which set further additional conditions for the use of pesticides, for example, where and when certain types of pesticides may be used (these are generally products for lawn and garden).

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