Smoke and Cannabis: More consumption of it during Covid confinement

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According to a study published by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ), cigarette and cannabis consumption increased during Covid confinement.

“One third (32%) of cannabis users interviewed by INSPQ researchers during the period of April 16-28 reported that their use had increased “in the last week.” Also, 38% of smokers reported that their cigarette consumption had increased in the last month compared to before the pandemic.
According to Statistics Canada, just over 1.2 million Quebecers smoke cigarettes every day or occasionally.”

Neighbourhood complaints increased with rental property owners during the pandemic. Even if noise remains the most important complaint, the inconvenience caused by smoke remains a recurring reason for grievance.

Unlike in a park, tenants cannot move around so as not to smell the smoke because cannabis smoke spreads through the walls.

Many rental property owners protect themselves against these problems by banning smoking in their buildings as soon as they rent. Likewise, the APQ building regulations prohibit smoking in the dwelling, whether it be cigarettes or cannabis.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke products containing tobacco or cannabis, or any other substance being assimilated to it, by any device causing smoke (including e-cigarettes, “shisha”, pipe, etc.), inside the dwelling, on balconies, in common areas and on the grounds of the building.”

If the tenant does not comply, for instance, with the prohibition on smoking cannabis, you can, as an APQ member, have access to the available letter template “Cannabis Smells”.

In all cases, each complaint received must be dealt with within a reasonable time. The loss of peaceful enjoyment can cost you dearly, in rent decreases for instance.

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