Unpaid rents

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Unpaid rents

Jonathan Tremblay’s article in the Journal de Montréal clearly demonstrates the dangers that our current rental system represents for rental property owners.

In its investigation, the Journal de Montréal was able to highlight this particular tenant who accumulated months of unpaid rent, from one landlord to another.

The article discusses what rental housing owners can go through in Québec. The winning combination for fraudsters lies in a mixture of delays, restrictions on applying for a security deposit, the impossibility of seizing most government benefits such as social assistance and the complexity of recovering the sums of money that are due to the owners because of significant costs for the bailiff and the Court stamp.

What is the solution then?
Well, rent deposits would significantly reduce this type of behaviour.

But here and now, in the immediate, one can already act to protect oneself.

A complete verification of the tenant must be done before signing a lease. Only checking credit is irresponsible for a rental building owner or manager.

The verification of previous landlords, the employer, files at the Administrative Housing Tribunal, the Court of Québec, the Superior Court must absolutely be added to the tenant’s audit.

If an agreement is made for the payment of the first month’s rent at the signing of the lease, it should be by bank draft or cash, to avoid NSF (non-sufficient funds) cheques.

An appeal must also be filed in the first month of non-payment. If the situation is corrected you can close this request, or go get the decision by continuing the process to have the reimbursement of expenses but also to leave a trace in the file of your tenant.

Check the bailiff training available online for members, for the execution of the decision.

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