September 2012 Edition: September 2012

This month, our editor Martin A. Messier reminds you of the problem of identity theft.

August 2012 Edition: August 2012

In this edition, Me Jean-Olivier Reed explains how to manage the makeshift

July 2012 Edition: July 2012

This month, Me Kevin Lebeau explains you the common portions for restricted use
and the nature of the right of use of a co-owner.

June 2012 Edition: June 2012

This month, we offer an article on HYDRO-QUEBEC who refuses to transfer the account because the owner did not provide the number of new tenant.

May 2012 Edition: May 2012

New orientation in the management of vacant premises at Hydro-Quebec

April 2012 Edition: April 2012

Me Reed explains how to manage the free granting of a housing to a close relocation.

March 2012 Edition: March 2012

This month, Me Kevin Lebeau talk you about a new phenomenon on the real-estate market : micro-condos

February 2012 Edition: February 2012

Discovery our new housing site and its benefits!

January 2012 Edition: January 2012

Our editor reported on the amendments to Bill 22.

December 2011 Edition: December 2011

This month, Me Reed explain you how to protect yourself when the tenant leaves belongings in the dwelling after their departure.