February 2010 Edition: February 2010

This month, you will find the report of the CMHC rental Province and overview of the tax accounts of the Province.

January 2010 Edition: January 2010

This month, a theme often asked is highlighted: the protection against fire.

Decembre 2009 Edition: Decembre 2009

The APQ takes a stand on the question of revocation, which has caused numerous problems since the commissioners of the Régie du logement have applied a jugment from the Quebec Superior Court.

November 2009 Edition: November 2009

In this edition, Mister Martin Messier invites you tosign our petition because "we can change all the sitution!".

October 2009 Edition: October 2009

In this edition, you will learn, by reading the Editor’s Word, that « To know, is to be able to », and one will invite you to follow the free information sessions for regular members of the APQ.

September 2009 Edition: September 2009

In this edition you will notice that real-estate is still a good opportunity while reading the Word of the Editor.

August 2009 Edition: August 2009

In this edition, you will notice that the vacancy rate is still high in the residences for elderly people. One should also know the pitfalls when transforming a heating system that allows the transfer of costs to the tenants in the futur.

July 2009 Edition: July 2009

In this edition, you will learn that one should be careful with hurtful or insulting words addressed to a tenant.

June 2009 Edition: June 2009

In this edition, the president of the APQ, Martin Messier, invites the landlords to follow closely the moving process of their tenants around the 1st of July.

May 2009 Edition: May 2009

In this edition you will learn that racist slurs can cost a lot. Moreover, you will be informed concerning conciliation which is still accessible at the Régie du logement.