October 2006 Edition: October 2006

In this issue, you will find a feature on André Tremblay who believes that “rental real estate is not a full-time job, but a constant preoccupation”.

September 2006 Edition: September 2006

In this issue, Guiseppi Gasparrini says that “The Régie du logement gives too many chances to tenants.”

August 2006 Edition: August 2006

In this issue, Nathalie Elgrably, of the l'Institut économique de Montréal discusses ''Rent Control Reduces the Value of Properties »

July 2006 Edition: July 2006

In this issue, the author of “The Hidden Face of Public Politics” (La face cachée des politiques publiques), Nathalie Elgrably, gives her opinion on the real cause of the Québec Housing Crisis.

June 2006 Edition: June 2006

In this issue, Nathalie Elgrably believes that rent control is as effective as a “bombing".

May 2006 Edition: May 2006

In this issue, we will discuss pertinent information about the current Québec and Montréal housing markets as well as presenting you with testimonials on the APQ’s new investigation software.

April 2006 Edition: April 2006

In this issue, you will find a comment by Me Martin Messier, APQ President, about the Régie du logement which should do some spring cleaning.

March 2006 Edition: March 2006

In this issue, a report on the great success of David Hill, APQ member and President of Gestion DHC.

February 2006 Edition: February 2006

In this issue: the absurdity of Québec’s rent controls – a comment from an expert. In addition, free months are not the answer – APQ President Martin Messier explains.

January 2006 Edition: January 2006

This issue gives you all the necessary information on the price of rents and the vacancy rates in your area.