January 2016 Edition: January 2016

This month, Mr. Robert Soucy bringing your attention to the service of a notice of modification of the lease by a bailiff. Also discover the Bottin APQ, the essential tool before starting your submissions and work!

December 2015 Edition: December 2015

In this edition Me Kevin Lebeau explains the different ways to cover the money from a judgment of the Régie du logement. Me Annie Lapointe talks about the responsibility of everyone in a fall on the stairs.

Edition : November 2015 Edition: Edition : November 2015

In this edition, Me Annie Lapointe talk about the separation and lack of planning during divorces. Me Jean-Olivier Reed disclose the myths and realities on the reciprocal obligations when buying a condo by a tenant during the lease.

Edition : September 2015 Edition: Edition : September 2015

In this edition, Me Robert Soucy will be talking about the management of public health and it's jurisdiction. Also, about the APQ claims with several deputies and auditions during parliamentary commissions.

Edition : August 2015 Edition: Edition : August 2015

In this edition, Mr. Messier talking about the insurance coverage and bad surprises.

Edition July 2015 Edition: Edition July 2015

In this edition, we will reveal the winner of the ""Histoires d'horreur du 1e juillet". Me Annie Lapointe explains how certain clauses in the lease may have no effect.

Edition June 2015 Edition: Edition June 2015

In this edition, the Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) claims the rights of owners against the Bill 492 "An Act to amend the Civil Code to protect seniors’ rights as lessees" Also, to protect yourself, read the word of editor, The number of undesirable tenants is increasing!

Edition May 2015 Edition: Edition May 2015

In this edition, Martin Messier invites you to participate in the APQ campaign Good tenants: Show your colours! We’ll see one another before the Rental

Edition April 2015 Edition: Edition April 2015

In this edition, Jean-Olivier Reed talking about repossession in the purchase of a building. Also, Mr. Robert Soucy presents a case of tenant eviction is erratic and harassing.

March 2015 Edition: March 2015

In this edition, Martin Messier will talk of a possible bill that would require landlords to accept pets in homes.