April 2014 Edition: April 2014

In this edition you will find a quiz on permitted or prohibited entries in dwellings.

March 2014 Edition: March 2014

In this edition, the Quebec Landlords Association celebrates its 30 years at your service.

February 2014 Edition: February 2014

In this edition you'll find the memoir that the Quebec Landlord's Association submitted to the Régie du logement for the new mandatory form of the lease.

January 2014 Edition: January 2014

In this edition, you will find an article by Me Soucy on illegal rental.

December 2013 Edition: December 2013

In this edition you will find an article by Mrs.Annie Lapointe on good faith

November 2013 Edition: November 2013

In this edition, you will find an article by Jean-Olivier Reed dealing with the disclosure or not of a violent death when renting.

October 2013 Edition: October 2013

In this edition, you will see how a favor cannot become an acquired right and also an article on tolerance and good neighborliness.

September 2013 Edition: September 2013

In this edition, Me Lapointe presents a decision rendered by the Régie du Logement for tenants who had provided false references.

August 2013 Edition: August 2013

This month, Me Annie Lapointe demystifies the verbal lease. Although nothing is written, strict rules govern them.

July 2013 Edition: July 2013

"If the tenant does not open the door, I'll pick the lock and enter" said a Building Inspector of the City of Montreal. What are the rights of inspectors?